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Viola Ventures strives for the greatest returns through value-add strategies to preexisting properties. We are ecstatic to take the day-to-day busy work and ensure excellent results for our passive investors. Extensive research is conducted and careful underwriting of properties prior to offering a letter of intent to sellers and working through our due diligence process.

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Dominic Dominguez
Acquisition Director

I'm an Army IT veteran with a passion for real estate and technology. My professional journey includes transactions over $2 million in real estate and earning four degrees, the highest being a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Intelligence. Outside of my professional endeavors, I cherish my time beer brewing, smoking meats, and enjoying quality moments with my family. My diverse interests and experiences drive my continuous pursuit of excellence in every aspect of my life.

Luis Dominguez
Asset Director

With over five years of experience in property management. My career is built on a strong commitment to a customer-focused mission, aiming to enhance both tenant satisfaction and investor returns through strategic property improvements and exceptional service. I specialize in identifying and executing value-add projects with meticulous attention to detail, which drives operational success and increases property value. My leadership and innovative approach ensure that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations, establishing my role as a pivotal driver of the company's growth and success in the real estate market.

Business Handshake

Core Values

Integrity and Transparency

Committing to the highest standards of honesty and openness in all our interactions, ensuring that every customer and partner feels informed, respected, and valued.

Exceptional Service

Striving to exceed customer expectations by providing superior service and personalized experiences, ensuring that every tenant feels at home and every investor is confident in their decision.

Community and Sustainability

Building sustainable communities by integrating eco-friendly practices and fostering environments where residents can thrive and feel a sense of belonging.

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