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Apartment Building

Why apartments?

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Remarkable Performance, Excellent Returns.

Real estate investing is a tried-and-true method of building wealth. Investors can enjoy generous returns as limited partners without the hassle of purchasing, managing, or making improvements. No need to get your hands dirty. Investors click here.

Acquisition Requirements

Location & Population

Year over year (YoY) population growth for at least three consecutive years. We analyze relevant location to major employers, highways, universities, and military installation.

Value Add Opportunities

Value add opportunities are an irrefutable must. We identify potential space to create physical amenities, improved utilities, or added services to increase the value of the property.

Asset Size

Viola targets properties 40+ doors in size. We take into consideration the classification of the area and property, mainly focusing on "C" and "B" areas.

Hold Period

Our hold strategy is 5-7 years, however, if we meet investor targets with early capital improvements, we exit sooner than the planned hold period.

Our Strategy

1. Viola Ventures locates 40+ unit properties in our target markets across North America.

2. We perform underwriting to ensure the deal is palpable for bullish investors.

3. If the financials are promising and we identify significant value-add opportunities such as property renovations or operational improvements, we extend a Letter of Intent (LOI).

4. Upon an accepted LOI, Viola Ventures begins a due diligence process, reviewing the subject property from top to bottom. Our accountants scrub the financials.

5. Capital is secured, investors are organized within a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), the deal is closed.

6. Viola Ventures uses premier management partners for day-to-day operations while overseeing property improvements.

7. Limited partners receive quarterly payouts through cash flow. Exit strategy is 5-7 years selling at a higher price point after improvements are completed. Final payouts are made as determined by the PPM.

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