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Apartment Building


  • What is an accredited investor?
    An accredited investor, when referring to an individual, includes anyone who: Has had an annual income exceeding $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) for the last two years and expects to maintain the same level of income this year, OR Possesses a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with a spouse, excluding the value of their primary home. Furthermore, various entities such as banks, partnerships, corporations, nonprofits, and trusts also qualify as accredited investors. Relevant entities that might be considered accredited investors based on specific conditions include: Any trust with assets surpassing $5 million, not established solely for acquiring the securities in question, where the investment decisions are made by a person with adequate financial and business understanding, or Any entity where all equity owners are accredited investors. In this context, a "sophisticated person" refers to an individual who possesses, or whom the company or private fund offering the securities believes to possess, adequate knowledge and experience in financial and business matters to assess the merits and risks of the investment.
  • What markets do you invest in?
    Viola ventures focuses on both primary and secondary markets. These markets comprise of a populous no less than 150,000. Additionally, meticulous research is conducted affiliated with job growth, population growth, crime statistics, relativity to major highways, universities, jobs, and military installations.
  • I'm an investor. When does the property finish renovations/updating before it is sold?
    Viola Ventures targets a 3-5 year turnaround for our limited partners. If we achieve our metrics sooner, the property is sold promptly to satisfy investor requirements. Investors receive quarterly payouts from cash flow while the property undergoes a massive transformation.
  • What is Viola Ventures? How can I partner or invest with Viola Ventures?
    Viola ventures is an apartment complex syndication company. We bring investors together and forge lasting relationships with exceptional returns through value-add improvements to existing apartment complexes 1980s or newer. We look for mismanaged, underdeveloped, and "fixer-upper" properties to capture, hold, and exit within a reasonable time frame upon renovations and exponentially increased value.
  • What metrics do you aim for?
    We aim to acquire apartment complexes of 40+ units, with a 6% capitalization rate, in a population with a secondary market close to universities, military installations, and major employers.
  • What is the best contact method to reach you?
    Please call us at 813-444-2272. You may also email us at
  • Where do I deposit funding?
    Viola Ventures accepts online deposits through our safe and secure investors portal for a fee. Additionally, we accept wire transfers upon completion of a wire transfer advisory notice.
  • What does the process of buying an entire apartment complex look like?
    We take the pain out of buying complexes. Viola Ventures.... 1. Locates ideal subject properties. 2. Conducts thorough research on the property and cost of renovations. 3. Submits a Letter of Intent (LOI) to subject property; goes under contract upon acceptance from the selling party. 4. Raises capital and continues with due diligence during while under contract. 5. Purchases and makes steady improvements during ownership. 6. Exit strategy (sell) in 3-5 years depending on investor expectations for returns.
  • Who manages the day-to-day operations once properties are acquired?
    We utilize management partners specializing in property management to oversee the daily operations. Viola conducts weekly checkups and frequent meetings to ensure that projects, budgeting, occupancy, and vacancy figures are on par with standard.
  • What are value-add opportunities, and what is the significance of them?
    Value-add opportunities are perceived as created amenities, capital improvements, or additional services that generate or improve revenue, in turn increasing the dollar value of the multifamily community. This is a massive part of our business because we use these opportunities to greatly increase the evaluation of our properties for an optimal return on our investor funds.
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